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About Green Science

Company History

Sichuan Green Science & Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2016, locates in Chengdu national Hi-tech development zone. Our products cover portable charger, AC charger, DC charger, and software platform equipped with OCPP 1.6 protocol, providing smart charging service for both hardware and software. We also can customize products by customer’s sample or design concept with competitive price in a short time.

Why would a well-funded traditional enterprise devote itself to the new energy industry? Because of the frequent earthquakes in Sichuan, all the people living here are aware of the importance of protecting the environment. So our boss decided to devote himself to protecting the environment, in 2016 founded Green Science, hired a professional R & D team deeply in the charging pile industry, reduce carbon emissions, air pollution.

In the past 9 years, our company has cooperated with the government and state-owned enterprises to open up domestic trade while vigorously developing foreign trade with the help of major cross-border e-commerce platforms and exhibitions. Up to now, hundreds of charging station projects have been successfully established in China, and the products sold abroad cover 60% of countries in the world.


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Factory Introduction

Our Team

DC Charging Station Assembly Area

Our Team

AC Charger Assembly Area

We are manufacturering the DC Charging Station for our local market, the products cover 30kw, 60kw, 80kw, 100kw, 120kw, 160kw, 240kw, 360kw. We are providing the complete charging solutions starting from the location consulting, equipment layout guide, installation guide, operation guide and routine maintenance service . 

These area is for DC charging station assembly , each row is one model and is a production line. We ensure the right components appear in the right place. 

Our team is a young team, the average age is 25-26 years old. The experienced engineers are coming from Midea, MG,   University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.  And the production management team are coming from Foxconn. They are a group of people who have passion, dream and resposibility.

they have a strong sence of orders and procedures to ensure the production to strictly follow the standard and qualified. 

We are producing three standards of AC EV charger: GB/T, IEC Type 2, SAE Type 1. They have different standard of components, so the biggest risk is mixing the components when three different orders are manufacturing. Functiomaly, the charger can work, but we need to make each charger qualified.

We splitted the production line into three different assembly lines: GB/T AC Charger assembly line, IEC Type 2 AC Charger assembly line, SAE Type 1 AC Charger assembly line. So the right components only will be at the right area.

EV Charger Testing
Engineer test area

AC EV Charger Testing Equipment

Raw Material Inspection

R&D Laboratory

This is our automatical testing and aging equipment, it's simulating the standard charging performance at the max current and voltage to check the PCBs and all the wiring, relays to reach the balance to work and charge.  We also have another automatical test equipment to test all the electrical key feature such as security test, high-voltage insulation test, over current test, over current test, leackage test, ground faut test, etc. 

This part belongs to IQC procedures, all the raw materials and components will be inspected and checked. some qualified supplier will be spot check, and new supplier will be full check. For the PCBs, we are doing the full check. And for the performance test and aging test are also 100% full test to ensure each chargers are be tested and inspected before delivery.

Our office and factory are 30km far away. Normally our engineer team are working in office in the city. Our factory are only for daily production, testing and shipping. For the research and development testing, they w will finish here. All the experiment and the new function will be tested here. Such as Dynamic load balance function, solar charging function, and other new technologys.

Why Choose Us?

> Stability 

No mater the people or the products, Green Science are providing the stable and reliable products and service. This is our value and faith.

>  Security 

No matter the production procedures or product itself, Green Science are following highest safety standard to make sure safe production and security of the user.

>  Speed

on the premise of safety and stability, Green Science are providing fast and prompt pre-sale, in-sale service, in-time shipping and delivery,  warm and speedy after-sales service. 

Our corporate culture


We encourage creative ideas, and each product update is the result of integrating multiple ideas. The Marketing Department investigates the current hot products, the sales staff proposes the selling points that the customers are most concerned about, the R & D team discusses the feasibility, the factory estimates the construction period, and makes the best choice after comprehensive consideration.

> Responsible

Responsible for customers, we treat every customer with our heart, from the inquiry to the completion of orders, every link of the technical staff and sales are with customers, teleconferencing, live viewing, video connection, remote technology docking, overseas support. Every action represents our determination to serve every customer well.


To care for employees, every year to organize travel, group dinner, afternoon tea and other benefits, the average length of staff 5-12 years, stable team, relaxed and happy working atmosphere.

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Our certificate

Our products have been sold in large quantities all over the world. All products have passed relevant certifications recognized by the local government, including but not limited to UL, CE, TUV, CSA, ETL, etc. In addition, we provide standardized product information and packaging methods to ensure that the products fully comply with local customs clearance requirements.

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  • Jack Kerridge
    Jack KerridgeCustomer
    The contact was friendly and helpful. The wall box arrived in top condition. Inside, however, a communication cable had come loose. The problem was solved together with the help of the technician. The app also works so far. I am completely satisfied.
  • Raffaele Tamborrino
    Raffaele TamborrinoCustomer
    I havent installed it yet but it looks definitely a very high quality. Costumer support is excellent. It also comes with a 1 year warranty for all their products. Do not overpay the dealer wall charger does not worth it. Many are so dumb not even close to this one in terms of quality and app control. I will definitely order more for my friends as well.
  • Giacinta Brigitte
    Giacinta BrigitteCustomer
    Good quality works as expected. And also works with a Peugeot e-2008. There are even more functions on the display as promoted. Create function that you also can track the kWh that have been charged