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Dynamic Load Balance (DLB)

Dynamic Load Balance (DLB)

Smart EV Charging: Dynamic load balance

Part 1: DLB for Smart Home Charging

The dynamic load balancing EV charger ensures that the overall energy balance of the system is maintained. The energy balance is determined by the charging power and the charging current. The charging power of the dynamic load balancing EV charger is determined by the current flowing through it. It saves energy by adapting the charging capacity to the current demand.

In a more complicated situation, if many EV chargers charge simultaneously, the EV chargers may consume a large amount of energy from the grid. This sudden addition of power may cause the power grid to become overloaded. The dynamic load balancing EV charger can handle this problem. It can divide the burden of the grid evenly among several EV chargers and protect the power grid from damage caused by overloading.

The dynamic load balancing EV charger can detect used power of the main circuit and adjust its charging current accordingly and automatically, allowing for energy savings to be realized. Our design is to use the current transformer claps to detect the current of the main circuits of household, and users needs to set the max loading current when install the dynamic load balancing box via our smart life App. User also can monitoring the home loading current via the App. The dynamic load balancing box is communicating with our EV Charger wireless via LoRa 433 band, which is stable and long distance, avoiding the message lost.

Test 1 of Dynamic Load Balance

Green Science team spent a few months to do some reaseach and finished the software and a few tests  at our testing room.  We will show two of our successful test. Now it's the first test of our dynamic load balance test.

During the first test, we also found some bugs for the software.  We found some brands of electric car support the automatically adjust when the current if less than 6A, such as Tesla, but some other brands of electric car can't restart the charging when the current from less than 6A back to above 6A. So after we fixed the bugs and some more tests by our engineer. Comes our second test. And they worked well.

Test 2 of Dynamic Load Balance

Part 2: DLB for Commercial Charging (Coming Soon)

Green Science team is also working with the commercial solutions for dynamic load balance management for public parking lots or condos, working place parking etc. And the engineers team is going to have the test soon. We will shoot some testing video and post.

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