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EV Charging Solution

EV Charging Solution

Sichuan Green Science & Technology Co,. Ltd has a core technical team engaged in the charging station industry for 6 years. It include software, hardware and structure. Sales personnel who have been deeply engaged in foreign trade for 10 years. 



Offline Factory Inspection

Sichuan Green Science & Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes customers to personally inspect the factory, we provide one-stop service, accompany customers throughout the process to inspect products and visit the factory.

Online Video Conferencing

We also support the form of video conferencing with customers, technical departments and factories to solve some docking work or technical problems that customers need when connecting to the platform, and build mutual trust.


Attend Exhibitions


Our company will regularly participate in the largest exhibition in China - Canton Fair every year, the spring Canton Fair has been successfully completed, and then will participate in the autumn Canton Fair in October,We look forward to meeting you then!

Foreign exhibitions are mainly based on the customer's situation, last year our company participated in the exhibition in Brazil and got very good feedback, if you want to cooperate with us or want to use our products to participate in the exhibition, please consult us for details.


Our sales team acts as a bridge between customer and technology. Choosing us is equivalent to having a technical team of 20 people and 8 years of factory dedicated to serving you.

Installation Step

In order to ensure that users can complete the installation within ten minutes, we have upgraded the back plate of the charging pile.

 After-sales Service

12 months warranty

Free recall

The following documents are our after-sales processing policy.