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2500W AC Adapter Portable Solar Energy Power Generator

Model Name: SKA 2500W

SKA2500 uses lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFe PO4), which has Ionger life and higher safety, supports fast charging, wide operating temperature range, does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, battery capacity 38.4V/65.5Ah (2515Wh), cycle times up to 6000 times.

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1. Outdoor Power Station SKA2500 110V/220V 2515Wh. Portable and easy carry your standby power expert. 

2. Easy to operation: Simply press the button to check detail opeartion functions on the smart LCD display. 50Hz switch with only one button, it can meet the different region requirements. New Smart "air switch" guarantees your safety use.

1.300W AC Adapter Portable Solar Energy Power Generator4
1.300W AC Adapter Portable Solar Energy Power Generator5

3. Lithium iron phosphate battery(LifePO4), 6000 cycle times 2500wh super large capacity(real capacity), supports fast charging, does not explode or burn when punctured, conforms to national standards, and has a designed service life of more than 20 years.

4. 9 Strict quality inspection procedures to ensure safety. From R&D to factory, from production to quality inspection, power supplies that have undergone rigorous safety testing and international safety certification are qualified to be selected by you.

1.300W AC Adapter Portable Solar Energy Power Generator7
1.300W AC Adapter Portable Solar Energy Power Generator6

5. Thicken Aluminum Shell: 5mm super-thick aluminum shell, doubled and upgraded fire resistance, compressive and impact-resistant.

6. Pure Sine Wave AC Output - You can charge freedom like home electricity charging, Stable without damaging products.

Thicken Aluminum Shel
Pure Sine Wave AC Output

7. Solar Charging: SKA2500 is recharged by standsrd 110W high efficiency folded solar panels. It supports connecting several panels parallel together max 500W input power.

8. Accessories list: Adapter 48V/6.25A, power cable, MC4 to banana plug, instructions.

Solar Charging
Accessories list


Input voltage/current
AC adapter 48Vdc= 6.25A 300W (MAX)
Solar panel 45Vdc~80Vdc = 6.25A 500W Max
DC output
3x USB output voltage/current 5Vdc=3.0A15W(MAX)
4xDC output voltage/current 12Vdc = 10A120W (MAX)
AC output
AC output power continous output 2000W peak power 4000W(few seconds)
3AC output voltage/current 220V or 110V 50Hz/60Hz (switchable)
Capacity 38.4V/65.5Ah(2515Wh)
Size 598mmx375mmx220mm
N.W 30.5KG
Battery cycle 6000 times
Working temperature -10°C~50°C
Working humidity W95%
Multiple protections over current protection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection, over charging protection, over discharging protection


Application SKA 2500W5
Application SKA 2500W
Application SKA 2500W1
Application SKA 2500W4
Application SKA 2500W2
Application SKA 2500W3


The whole machine is guarranteed for 12 months.
Ten years of product is mature, stable and reliable in quality.
Products have certificates as CE, FC, Rohs can meet market certification requirements.
Company certification as ISO9001 quality management system, BSCI audit, national High-tech enterprise, contract credible A Enterprise.


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