How to charge electric car at a public charging station?

Using a EV charging station at public station for the first time can be quite intimidating. Nobody wants to look like they don’t know how to use it and being like a fool, especially in public. So, to help you to act confidentely, we’ve created an easy four-step guide:

Step 1- Take the charging cable

The first step is to look for the charging cable. Sometimes, the cable will be built-in and attached to the charger itself (please see picture 1), however, in other cases, you might need to use your own cable to connect the car to the charger( please see picture 2). 

Step 2- Connect charging cable to your car

The next step is connecting the charging cable to your car.

If the cable is built-in to the charger, you just need to connect it to your car’s charging port. This is generally located in the same place where a fuel cap would be on a gas-powered car – on either side – although some models place the socket somewhere else.

Please note: regular and fast charging require different connectors, and some countries have different plugs (please see below picture for all the connector standard). As a quick tip: If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it.

Charging cable Charger-types1

Step 3 - Start the charging session

Once the car and the charging station are connected, it’s time to start the charging session. To begin charging, you will usually first need to get a prepaid RFID card or download an App. Some chargers can use both options, for the first time, use your smart phone to donwload an app is better solutions, because the charger will have a tip to guide to how to do it. And you can monitor the charging and cost remotely. 

As soon as you’ve finished the registration and scan the QR code of the charger or swap the RFID card,  charging will begin. This is often reflected by LED lights on the charger, which will change color or start blinking in a given pattern (or both). While the vehicle is charging, you can monitor the process on your car’s dashboard, a screen on the charging station (if it has one), LED lights, or a charging app (if you’re using one). 

Step 4- End the charging session

When your car’s battery has replenished enough range, it’s time to end the session. This is generally done the same way as you started it: swiping your card on the charging station or stopping it through the app.

While charging, the charging cable is typically locked to the car to prevent theft and minimize the risk of an electric shock. For some cars, you have to unlock your door to get the charging cable unplugged. 

Charging at your home

Gernerally, if you own a parking space at home, we would suggest you charge your electric car at home. When you go back home to plug the cable and schedule a charging for the night. It's quite comfortable that you don't worry to find a public charging station.

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Post time: Nov-30-2022