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32A 22kw Charging Wallbox Ev Vehicle Charger Station

Electric Car EV Station Wallbox With App Control

Model No.: GS22 -AC-H01

1.7kw-22kw, compatible with all EV and Hybrid Plug-in vehicles. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G, RS485.

2.Connect to Tuya App “Smart Life”, connected to all Tuya systems.

3.Charger, Cloud and PME triple protection, real-time big data analysis, ensuring the charging environment is safe, one-stop SaaS
solution, you can manage your charging network easily, intelligently and insightfully.

4.IP65 protection from dust, oil, and water. Perfect fit for outdoor applications

5.Manage your charging, mobile app easily allows you to track, manage, schedule, and optimize smart EV charging anytime to take
advantage of off-peak electricity rates.

6.Cover major charging standards, OCPP 1.6J, IEC 62196 type 2 plug

7.Since 2016, Green Science has been committed to contributing to the global provision of green energy, and the industrial chain covers all charging pile industries. The latest B02 EV Charger provides you with a safer, intelligent, and fast charging

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● Wireless network connection - Intuitive mobile app and portal monitors and schedules charging.
● Smart grid savings - Schedule your charging time when electricity bills are lower, to make your electric car cheaper to drive. Eligible for many local utility rebates and incentives.
● Notice - It will notify you when your car is fully charged, set up a daily charging routine, or simply ask G.S. to remind you to plug in when your life gets too busy.  
● Easy to use and install - Quick release mounting bracket and built-in cable management allow setup and daily charging breeze.

Descriptions of product

Power Supply 3P+N+PE
Charging Port Type 2 cable
Enclosure Plastic PC940A
LED Indicator Yellow/ Red/ Green
LCD Display 4.3'' color touch LCD
RFID Reader Mifare ISO/ IEC 14443A
Start Mode Plug&Play/ RFID Card/ APP
Ememergency Stop YES
Communication 3G/4G/5G,WIFI, LAN(RJ-45), bluetooth,OCPP 1.6 OCPP 2.0 optional RCD (30mA Type A+ 6mA DC)
Electrical Protection Over Current protection, Residual current protection, Short circuit protection, Ground protection, Surge protection, Over/under voltage protection, Over/under frenquency protection, Over/under temperature protection.
Certification CE, ROHS, REACH,FCC and what you need
Certification Standard EN/IEC 61851-1:2017,  EN/IEC 61851-21-2:2018
Installation Wall-mount, Pole Mount

Advantages of product

Flexible Installation -In order to facilitate the installation of customers, we have specially upgraded the B01 to the B02, which has a half-open cover design to reduce the installation time by half, and there are installation manuals for each step and video teaching.

APP Control 16A EV wallbox Electric Charger for Electric Car3

Lock installation - It is safe for indoor and outdoor installation.

APP Control-Including adjusting current, timing charging, viewing historical charging records and other functions.


● Timed charging - It makes driving your electric car cheaper when rates are lower.
● Dynamic LED lights - Display power, connection and charging status.

All DC leakage (>6mA) can be monitored and all current can be cur off instantly within 10S

Type 1 EV wallbox Charger 11kw3

● 25 ft cable - maximum free installation required

Note: The plug and cable can be separated. You can choose plug or cable only.

Type 1 EV wallbox Charger 11kw4

● Accessibility - Home use with intelligent App control, Smart charge or scheduled charge by App.

Lock installation4

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Green Science 3.5KW-22KW EV Charger Wallbox Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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EV Charger Supplier

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 Sichuan Green Science & Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2016, locates in Chengdu national Hi-techdevelopment zone. We dedicate in providing package technigue and products solution for intelligentefficient and safe application of energy resources, and for energy saving and emission reduction.

Our products cover EV charger, EV Charging Cable, EV Charging Plug,Portable Power Station, and software platform equipped with OCPP 1.6 protocol, providing smart charging service for both hardware and software. We also can customize products by customer's sample or design paper with competitive price in a short time.

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