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Residential EV Charger 7kw–22kw Type 2

Power Option: 7kw, 11kw, 22kw

Full Protection

Dynamic Load Balancing (optional)

OCPP 1.6J (optional)

Customize All Types of Connectors

Smart Home APP by Tuya

WIFI + Bluetooth/ Ethernet /4G (Optional)

1 Years Warranty

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Green Science Home Type 2 EV Charging Station - Available 3.5m, 5m 7.5m or 10m Cable length options

  • Fit all EVs and PHEVS:
  • Green Sciencetype 2 smart EV Charger is a simple, powerful, heavy-duty and easy installed Electric Vehicle Charging Station which is suitable for normal and cold weather.  Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs sold in European Market.
  • Safe and Reliable :
  • Manufacturerd according to IEC  standard. IP65 (Water resistant), Fire resistant. Over Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Ground Fault, and Over Temperature Protections
  • Smart App Control :
  • More power and output configurations for saving your money by Smart Life App. Schedule charging function can make your own rountine  and habit. Weekly report and month report clearly show your charging records.
  • Easy to install and use:
  • It has a wiring window for easy installation, the wiring terminal is UL certiifed to ensure the safety.
  • Dynamic Load Balance for Smart Home Charging :
  • It supports the DLB for smart home charging to avoid the trip  hazard.  Wireless cmmunication design to avoid the cable intallation. 


Model  GST7-AC-B01 GST11-AC-B01 GS22T-AC-B01
Power Supply 3 wire-L,N, PE 5 Wire-L1,L2,L3, N plus PE
Rated Voltage 230V AC 400V AC 400 V AC
Rated Current 32A 16A 32A
Frequncy  50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Rated Power 7.4kw 11kw 22kw
Charging Connector IEC 61851-1, Type 2
Cable Length  11.48 ft.(3.5m) 16.4ft. (5m) or 24.6ft(7.5m)
Input Power Cable  Hardwired 
Enclosure  Metal +High-temped Glass 
Control Mode Plug& Play /RFID Card/App 
Emergency Stop  Yes 
Internet  WIFI /Bluetooth/RJ45/4G (Optional)
Protocol  OCPP 1.6J
Energy Meter  N/A
IP Protection  IP 54
RCD Type A + 6mA DC
Impact Protection  IK08
Electric Protection Over Current Protection, Residual current protection, Ground Protection,
Surge protection, Over/Under Voltage protection, Over/Leakage Protection/ Short Circuit Protection etc. 
Certification CE, Rohs
Manufactured Standard
(some standard is under testing)
EN IEC 61851-21-2-2021, EN 301 489-1 , EN 301 489-3, EN 301-489-17, EN 301 489-52, EN 50665:2017,
EN 300 330, EN 301 511, EN 300328, EN 50364, IEC EN 62311, EN50665, EN 301 908-1;
EN 301 908-2, EN 301 908-13,EN IEC 61851-21-2; EN IEC 61851-1; IEC 62955; IEC 61008


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