BMW Neue Klasse EVs Will Have Up To 1,341 HP, 75-150 kWh Batteries

BMW's upcoming Neue Klasse (New Class) EV-dedicated platform is paramount for the brand's success in the electric era.

Scheduled to launch in 2025 with a compact sedan expected to be called the i3 and a sporty SUV rumored to be the successor to the iX3, the Neue Klasse is projected to make up more than half of BMW's global sales by 2030. 

For the first time, the automaker has revealed some key specifications of Neue Klasse EVs, which will feature new generations of battery and electric motor tech for a "huge technology leap," according to BMW's chief technology officer, Frank Weber.

He told CAR magazine that Neue Klasse EVs will feature a new "pack-to-open-body" concept, allowing BMW to tailor-make its battery sizes to fit any model by using round battery cells instead of prismatic ones. This will be doubled by the implementation of new sustainability measures and recycling techniques.

BMW will incorporate some of these techniques into the Neue Klasse lineup of EVs, which will range from 1 Series-sized passenger cars right up to big SUVs like the full-size X7. These electric vehicles will benefit from batteries offering a 20 percent higher energy density, 30 percent better packaging efficiency, up to 30 percent more range and up to 30 percent quicker charging compared to the current batteries BMW is using.

When this new battery design is available, it will make it easier for the user to charge the car. This type of battery does not affect the aesthetics and has a strong practicality.

Not only will Mercedes-Benz customers be able to use their own brand of EV charging station, but with the rapid development of charging posts they will also be able to use other affordable charging wallbox and perhaps even choose a more compatible shape with their batteries.

Post time: Nov-16-2022